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If you’re familiar with our blog, our video content or if you’re part of our email subscriber list, you’d be aware that I am a strong proponent of complete honesty and directness concerning computer keyboards, laptops, and other equipment recommendations.

Hence, I’d like to discuss the topic of affiliate links found within our content.

The primary objective behind everything we publish is to assist you in your journey, whether it’s about personal improvement, technologies, or achieving a skillset of typing faster and better.

As a part of this journey, aside from our own courses and tools that will come out, we would be recommending various products and resources to enhance your learning and experiences. These might be tangible goods, digital services, software, or any other resources that we feel would help you accomplish your aspirations.

Some links that lead to these resources are known as “affiliate links.” This implies that if you proceed to make a purchase from the linked vendor based on these recommendations, we might earn a commission from that sale, any subsequent sales, or recurring billings.

Remember, as we previously pointed out, we only endorse products or services that we genuinely believe will add value to you. Moreover, our recommendations only include products or services that we’ve used personally and found beneficial.

Simply put, unless we’ve tested it or used it and had a positive outcome, we won’t suggest it to you. So, you can be confident that whatever we recommend is of the highest quality.

We also think it’s important to note that we do not receive free products, services, or tools in return for a review or promotion on my platforms or to my followers. The only form of compensation we receive comes through an affiliate commission if you make a purchase.

Given the vast amount of content we’ve put out on the internet, it’s an overwhelming task to go back and identify every affiliate link. So, from now on, please assume that any links in my content that lead to third-party vendors are affiliate links.

If you have any queries about this disclaimer or how we utilize affiliate links, feel free to reach out to us here: keyboardcheatcodes@keyboardcheats.com

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